Aglossia-adactylia sequence and Moebius syndrome involvement

Ali Al Kaissi, Hatem Safi, Maher Ben Ghachem*, Lotfi Hendaoui** Farid Ben Chehida***
*Service d’Orthopedie Infantile-Hopital d’Enfants de Tunis,**Service de Radiologie-Hopital Monge Slim-Tunis, *** Centre de Radiologie Ibn Zohr- Tunis


Adactylia and limb deficiencies are major congenital malformations can be resulted from a long list of etiological factors, in our department the vast majority of these disorders are genetically determined, and only a small fraction of it proved to be sporadic. We report on a-9-months old male child with Aglossia- Adactylia sequence associated with Moebius syndrome involvement, which in our patient is manifesting itself by left facial nerve and bilateral abducens nerve palsies, total absent of the tongue and absent digits of hands and feet respectively.


Key words: Aglossia-adactylia sequence, Moebius syndrome, Hanhart syndrome, facial nerve palsy, and abducens nerve palsy.

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