At the consultative meeting on New Approach to Oral Health Training, Education and Research in Africa which took place in Cape town, South Africa from 23 to 26 April, 2002, participants bemoaned the dearth of reputable dental journals in Africa. Presently, there is only one indexed dental Journal in the continent. It is therefore obvious that the birth of a new journal to focus on oral research developments in Africa has long been expected. The International Association for Dental Research (Nigeria Division) has taken up the challenge with the establishment of the ?African Journal of Oral Health? (AJOH).

AJOH is a quarterly publication aimed at disseminating knowledge that will enhance the practice of oral health, particularly in Africa. The Journal will publish articles which contribute significantly to oral health research and practice. Contributions are welcomed from all parts of the world.

The Journal is starting on a very good foundation with the calibre of individuals that have accepted to play the role of International Advisers to AJOH. We are grateful to them for accepting to contribute to dental research development in Africa in spite of their busy schedules. We appreciate the contributions of the authors and the reviewers. We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Central office of the International Association for Dental Research without which this maiden edition would not have been possible. We thank the management of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria for providing the editorial office and facilities for communication.

AJOH is born and Oral health in Africa and other parts of the world will be the better for it. Further information on the journal can be obtained by visiting the website- http://www.ajoh.org. I am excited about the future of the journal and consider myself privileged to be the founding Editor-in-chief. I am particularly delighted that the formal presentation of the journal coincides with the Third Annual Congress of the IADR (Nigerian Division) holding from August 31 to September 3, 2004. I count on your support in realizing the goals and objectives of the African Journal of Oral Health.

Thank you.

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Professor Eyitope O. Ogunbodede